Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Two and a half years ago we moved twice, in a six month period.  I've always been part gypsy, but that was a little much.  But I took advantage of the situation to get rid of everything except my bedroom furniture, which made our moves so much easier, and also enabled me to SHOP!!  Well, to shop over a lengthy period of time.  And to re-decorate (as if I needed an excuse).  I was able to change my style, because aren't we decorating fanatics enthusiasts ever morphing in another direction?

I had been a shabby chic lover for some time.  My style went from this:

to something closer to an old world, Tuscan feel - darker, richer:

I love textures - rough and smooth, color:

But I don't need to tell you that it's all about the journey.  Those of us who love to decorate are constantly changing, embracing, daring, coveting experimenting.  And so the experiment continues.  Stay tuned......


  1. Now that's a change! Love that wall color! My kitchen was a pumpkin color for a few years.

    I moved from a British Colonial look to Tuscan then I thought I wanted a Shabby Chic look but my husband didn't like all those light colors and I sort of evolved into a French Country look and now a more eclectic cottage style. I wonder what will be next :)

  2. It is such fun to change things around , new colors, new direction...enjoy! Thank you for your welcome visit to my blog and lovely comment- it is much appreciated.
    Blessings to you , Colx