Saturday, May 12, 2012

Deflt Birth Plates

Years ago I found an ad for Delft plates celebrating your baby's birth in the back of a magazine.  These two plates remain among my most treasured possessions.

Can you see the adorable wooden shoes with tulips growing in them? And the Delft tiles in the little fireplace surround?  Too cute.

The clock shown on the mantel tells the time of delivery (by the stork, as you can see).

The scale next to the cradle shows the birth weight.

I love these little Delft plates.  They are obviously hand painted.  When I first received my daughter's plate, I was disappointed because the blue was darker than had been used on my son's plate two and a half years before, so they didn't "match".  But that certainly doesn't phase me now!

Blessings, Jacki

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  1. Hi Jacki,

    The plates are beautiful, all the more because of what they commemorate.

    Thank you for your visit to my blog the other day and for sharing your experience with Eden rose. It's interesting to know how they perform in various climates. Let's talk again soon!


  2. I never knew about these plates. How wonderful!