Saturday, June 9, 2012

Celebrating Childhood

I imagine many of you have birth samplers for your children, made with love by you or another relative.  I started planning my birth samplers as soon as I knew I was pregnant.  Cross stitch was all the rage then, and I had to find the perfect sampler for each child.

I've always loved Beatrix Potter, and was ecstatic to find this design with my first child. 

Unfortunately, there is a water stain in the top left corner, and also on the mat.  But I still love it.

I think I had the animals completed long before the baby was born!

Jemima Puddleduck was always my favorite  - after Peter, that is.

Baby no. 2:


At one time I had a little satin pink bow attached to the baby's head, but it must have been lost somewhere along the line.

These samplers are no longer on display (I think the kids were embarrassed by them when their friends came over as they got older).  For years I had them packed away.  But when I recently "styled" my closet, I displayed them on the shelf I see as soon as I walk in.  So I can visit with my babies to my heart's content!

My hope is that someday the kids will treasure these - but that time is not here yet.  Each child also has a trunk full of hand smocked clothing.  I made all their clothing the first few years, and everything was smocked.  Sewing and needlework were my passion, and that was one way I demonstrated my love for my children.  Hopefully one day they will understand that, and not think of it as "that old stuff Mom kept"!

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